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Our clients can be sure about our quality. All fake ID’s are acceptable while checking with UV Blacklight also they pass Scanning as well as Barcode & Magstripe. All our ID’s have Holograms. So, there will be no problems about using them. But, anyway, if you still need some help or you are not happy with the fake ID, just contact us and the problem will be resolved ASAP.

Customer Service

Our customer support team is working 24 hours/day, so our client usually receives needed reply very quickly, within few hours. Also it is possible to track the order.

Delivery & Speed

The delivery is arranged very fast. We guarantee to send the document within 10 working days if you have chosen the standard option. We deal with all shipping questions by ourselves, so our clients only have to pick up the parcel. And that’s it.

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A lot of people all over the world use or fake ID according their needs. It allows them to get into liquor stores, different bars and clubs etc. The document will pass the security system successfully, because it has all needed features: Magnetic Stripe, Microprinting, Holograms, UV, Barcode and so on.


A GOOD photo = A GOOD fake ID

Buy blue poster board from the store

In order to make your photo for fake id more efficient we advise our client to buy a simple blue poster board. Attach it to the wall and take your photo, using the poster as your background. We know that sometimes it is impossible to find blue one, so at that time just think about decent backdrop and pay attention to your clothes. It MUST be different from the background.

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Use a digital camera with direct flash

Look at your drivers license photo. Try to make the same now for fake id. Pay attention to the camera flesh: make sure it shoots directly at you, not above or aside. We need the shadow be behind you. If the shadows are on your eyes or somewhere else, the ID will be easily recognized as fake. Also, please, note, DO NOT cut off the top of your head and make sure that your upper body is in the photo. Obviously, you can’t send us selfie or webcam picture. It is better to ask a friend for a help.

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Look clean and neat

Pay attention to your hair and your clothes. You must look neat. Try to avoid so called “flyaway” hairs. As for the girls, it is better to let your hear down. It helps the snapshot to look more true and natural. If the background is light, you should wear dark clothes and vice versa. Be sure that there are no “red” eyes. Look directly to the camera, not to the left or to the right or up or down, no, strictly towards the camera. No glasses. No smiling. It is impossible to find a happy person at the DMV :) We need high quality, so, DO NOT send us scanned photo of your passport.

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Make sure your picture is under 1MB in filesize

The size of the photo for fake id must be below 1 MB. Do not send us small tiny photo, as you may understand, such quality will be not enough to make a solid ID. You may use to adjust your snapshot size, but make sure it must be around 1 MB.

> NO outdoor photo for fake ID!
> Picture that includes only your head is not acceptable.
> The background must be plain. So no snapshot with wrinkled or textured wall is acceptable.
> Be sure that the background doesn’t blend with your skin or closes or hair.

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Why should I buy from you?

Be sure about your personal safety. We never betray your trust and keep your personal data in secret. Our website and production are situated offshore, so do not worry about jurisdiction. We are in this business since 2007. You have high top quality ID for a fair price.


I hear you guys are the best? Is it true?

Do not hesitate! Look into my honest eyes :) Trust me, It will work out all right!


But I'm still hesitant, I've heard you're a scam

We are dealing with this over 8 years now and, we must confess, during this time there were one or two cases with lost parcel or irritated client. But there is no problem, which we can’t solve. We do not claim ourselves to be the best company ever, but, our work helps a lot of people live the life, which they want to.


Western Union, MoneyGram, and Bitcoin?

Of course, we understand that sending money using MG-WU may look a little bit suspicious, but do not worry. This is the only way that protects us. But if you do trust this paying system at all you may use Bitcoin ( may help you to purchase, using the digital currency).


Do these IDs pass the black light test?



Do your ID’s have Holograms?

And, yes, all our IDs have almost the same Hologram.

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